With Zenskar, every customer in your account has a dedicated credit balance that enables you to issue credit and debit adjustments. Adjustments in the credit balance could be a credit (meaning you owe them money) or a debit (meaning they owe you money). You can do these credit/debit adjustments from the customers page.

The flexibility to make these adjustments empowers you to handle various scenarios, such as refunds, promotional credits, or outstanding payments seamlessly. The balance on the customer's account, derived from the credit and debit adjustments, can be seamlessly applied to future invoices. This simplifies the billing process, allowing you to automatically utilise the available credit balance, reducing manual effort, and streamlining the payment cycle.

These are adjustments, represented as a ledger of transactions. This serves as an immutable audit trail for every customer. It captures all the credit and debit adjustments, ensuring transparency and accountability.