What does Zenskar implementation entail?

The optional pilot program

The primary objective of the pilot program is to showcase the capabilities of Zenskar: a modern, flexible, no-code billing infrastructure for your business. However, the pilot program is optional if you have already chose Zenskar as the billing infrastructure for your business.

Implementation roadmap

ChronologyTimeframeZenskar's responsibilitiesYour responsibilities (Zenskar will be your guide)
Document the on-boarding plan and sign a master service agreement (MSA).Weeks 1-2• Create a bespoke on-boarding plan
• Create an MSA and share
• the onboarding plan
• the MSA
• Fulfill custom feature requirements.
• Fix bugs, if any.
Weeks 3-4• Build and ship the required custom features.
• Fix bugs, if any.
Connect production accounts of your CRM/ERP/Tax software with Zenskar’s sandbox account.Week 5Connect production accounts of your CRM/ERP/Tax software with Zenskar.
• Importing more contracts and customers to the sandbox account.
• Parallel testing: Zenskar versus the existing process.
Weeks 6-7Assist you to import contracts and other data into Zenskar.• Import/configure contracts on Zenskar.
• Generate invoices and compare the details with those generated using the existing process.
Migration to production account
(importing customers, contracts, usage/metering data and aggregates)
Weeks 8-9Zenskar will drive the data migration process.• If you plan to push usage data using the Zenksar's data-ingestion APIs, you must allocate some engineering bandwidth for the migration.
• If you plan to let Zenskar pull data from data sources, such as Snowflake and MySQL, you need to whitelist Zenskar IPs. This requires some IT admin bandwidth.
Sign-off and go live.Week 10• Zenksar will assist you in setting up your account.
• Zenksar will ensure everything is ready to go live.
• Finish setting up of the production account by adding sender email, business details, payment instructions, and logo.

Data migration and integration options

The documentation on data migration and integration options describes various options for migrating historical data and for integrating contemporary data for both sales-led and product-led motions.